How To Find The Best Scuba Dive Regulator

Without a doubt, scuba diving is not one of the easiest sports in the world. While it is enjoyable, it requires you to get everything right from the word go. Scuba dive regulators are some of the most critical items for this sport. They allow you to breathe while under water. A suitable scuba dive regulator is thus an essential scuba diving gear that you need if you do not want to have problems breathing while you are under water. It consequently goes without saying then that you need to be very careful when you buy one.


Consider The Overall Design

Basically, you need a regulator that makes your life under water easy. There are several things to check for here. For instance, the air pressure should be optimum, connection to the air tank should be convenient, and there should be several connection ports to allow you to move comfortably. Moreover, you cannot afford to ignore the controls, the total weight of the regulator and the mouthpiece. They all have a direct bearing to the user-friendliness of the regulator.

Personal Preference

asdasdsDo not purchase a scuba dive regulator simply because someone else has said it works. Consider the things that you find important to you and make a decision based on these things. You may find a certain regulator not compatible with your personal diving computer, for instance.

Check Online

One of the advantages of shopping for scuba diving regulators online is the ease with which you can make comparisons. There are online stores that allow you to compare items side by side so that you can determine what is right for you and what is not. Thus, you can take advantage of these sites and discover the best regulator in all aspects.

Although choosing a regulator is mainly an issue of personal preference, it is also good to know what other people are saying about that specific regulator. Check for user reviews online before you make your final decision. Make sure that you read a review of an individual who has used the regulator, as you need to have an idea of how it feels to use that specific regulator.

Overall, scuba diving regulators are arguably the most important diving gear. You cannot, therefore, afford to buy a scuba diving regulator from the nearest online shop without doing due diligence. Take your time to pick the best one for you. Choosing a poor one and expecting everything to go on well is like trying to fix a mismatch.…

Top Tips When Buying The Best Hammock

Hammocks are leisure accessories that people use either when on holiday or relaxing outdoors in your home garden. Most people know the hammocks as accessories tied between two palm trees at the beach. However, today, you can enjoy a free standing hammock at the comfort of your home. According to a study, people like using hammocks to read a book in the evening than any other time. If you need to buy one for your home, then follow the following tips.

Top tips when buying the best hammock

Supported or Free stand

fdgdgfdgfdgdfgfdgdfgBefore buying this device, you need to make a decision whether you need a free standing hammock or one to be hooked between two poles or trees. However, the difference between the two is that one has a stand while the other does not have. If you have trees in your garden, then you can consider buying a hammock without a stand.

On the other hand, a hammock with a stand can be moved from one part to the other with ease. Depending on your needs, then make the right decision.

The size of the hammock

Hammocks come in different sizes. Both the width and length vary and this means people have to choose well. So, do you need a hammock for adult use or the kids? If you are buying a hammock to be used between trees, then you need to understand the length that you need. Buying the wrong size can be disappointing as it will compromise on the quality of use.

The quality of material

gfhgfhgfhgfhgfhHammocks are made of fabric, threads, and wood or metal. However, any material needs to be strong enough to hold on to the weight of the users. The most delicate parts of the device are the threads and the fabric. Make sure that the manufacturer assures high-quality material. Additionally, the freestanding hammocks must be made of a strong frame which can be made of wood or metal.

The price

While looking for a good hammock to use at home, you need to look at the price. Most sellers have fair prices which guarantee the value for money. You can compare prices from various sellers using either their sites or websites that compare different brands. However, you need to understand that the cheap hammocks may have compromised the quality of the hammock. Therefore, consider the high-end hammocks as they are durable.

With these tips, you can guarantee the comfort given by the hammock you choose to buy.


Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer In Gold Coast


A wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It is a day that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. In Gold Coast, people spend millions of dollars on weddings every year. They also spend a lot of time preparing for the day. Because of this, it is important to understand some of the ways through which you can preserve the memories from this event.

By hiring a good photographer, you will take lots of images that tell your story right from the beginning to the end. To get the best photography services, consider these factors when hiring a wedding photographer gold coast.

Photography equipment

22mbdvkdjkhYou should go for a photographer that has the best cameras, stands, lenses, and everything that is required to take great pictures. If they are professionals in this industry, they should know that there are cameras that ensure the best images are taken even when the backdrop is not the best.

Sometimes, they may experience lighting problem because of the weather and other factors, and therefore, they need cameras that can take clear images even when there is a little light. The best photographers in this areas are the one that has invested in the latest cameras because they know that they come with a variety of features. They also know that with more technological features, great photos are guaranteed.

Experience in wedding events

It also is important to find an experienced wedding photographer Gold Coast. Ask about some of the weddings that they have photographed in the past. If there are some sample pictures, it will make things much easier because you only need to look and then as see if they match the quality that you are looking for. The reason experience is extremely important is that weddings differ in nature.

For instance, a wedding that is hosted in a hall may require different services from one that is hosted in a garden. For destination weddings, you may have to hire people who are geared up for the adventure so that they can take pictures from all aspects.

Customized photography services

33mdshgkEvery reliable wedding photographers know that everyone has unique things that they look for in pictures. You will be surprised to find out that while you are keen on seeing certain features, others are not even interested in them. Therefore, you need a professional who knows how to customize the pictures.

They should find out information about the wedding and use it to come up with the kinds of images that you will want to look at every day. Additionally, they need to ensure that they give you that one thing that makes the images exclusive to your wedding.

You can be sure of better services from a wedding photographer Gold Coast if you should have a meeting with them in advance. This will give you time to brief them about the kinds of images that you expect. You can also use this opportunity to talk about the budget for photography services.


Top 5 Ways That You Can Use To Advertise Your Driving School

What does it take to run a successful online business? Well, the first thing that you need to make a breakthrough in any business venture is passion and commitment. If you have a passion for doing something, then there are high chances that you will always be successful. It is the passion that normally drives people to do what they do. If you are thinking of establishing a driving school, or you already have one, then here are some of the techniques that you will use to advertise your business.


With the advancement in the world of technology, search engine optimization is something that you can never overlook. Millions of people use the internet to find the information that they want to make important decisions. So you will need to have a good website since a good website, is the gate to your business. You need to make sure that your website is easy to use and attractive. If you cannot do this on your own, then you will need to hire an SEO agency to help you optimize your website. This is the best way that you can use to ensure that you can reach as many people as possible.


You can also use radio to advertise your driving school. The good thing with using radio is that many people including those who are up country can easily access it. You also need to understand that despite the fact that radio can reach many people, it is cheap. So if you have it tried it, then you better do it as it can help you widen your market.

Print media

You can also make use of print media to make get yourself as many clients as possible. You need to understand those people who listen to the radio and watch TV might not be necessary the one who read newspapers and magazines. This, therefore, means that by making use of print media, you will be able to reach many people who do not use radio and other electronic media.

Social media

Social media is one of the best media platforms that you can use to advertise your business. This is because many people from all over the world are actively involved in the social media. Using social media for your advertisement will give you a chance to reach many people and convert them to be your driving school, students. You can also check out David Poole’s Alternative Driving Instructor Franchise to learn more on how to run a successful driving school.



Various Tasks To Outsource To A Professional Company

Businesses are becoming more interlinked by the day. The trend of outsourcing some tasks in business to qualified experts has numerous benefits to businesses which make it get a significant preference. For the green companies, it thus, crucial to understanding the various tasks you need to outsource to professional for better running of the company.

Various tasks to outsource to a professional company

Email handling services

fddfgdfgdfgdgdfgOne of the best offline digital marketing methods is email marketing. Additionally, it is still one of the main communication channels in business. Sorting, responding and using email campaigns to reach your loyal clients can be overwhelming and sometimes impossible unless one uses a professional to do so. If you are looking for direct mail phoenix services, then you will need to hire a company which will provide this and more email handling options.

Digital marketing

Today, all businesses must have some aspect of digital marketing if they need to survive the competitive digital market. Since most business owners are not professionals, then this work must be outsourced to a professional. It includes website creation, social media marketing, digital ads and SEO among many others. When looking for the best company or individuals to give these tasks, it is important to consider their experience so that the service delivery can be top notch.

Printing services

All businesses require some paper work. They need a printing professional who will do the day to day printing or periodical marketing printing services like the banners. Additionally, they can also lend printers to the small businesses until they are stable to buy their own. Printing professional companies assist in branding various business products like the pens, receipt books, and many others as requested.

Accounting work

If you run a small company in any field like real estate, insurance or any other. Outsourcing is one of the best options you can save cost on and increase productivity at the same time. Either a virtual accounting assistant or an accounting support services company can provide these services professionally. Some of the services they provide include bookkeeping, monthly finance reconciliation, and reports as well as calculating all various statutory deductions like taxes.

Human resource services


HR services are the simplest and most popular services to outsource. They include keeping all your employee records, tabulating hours they have worked and keeping records of their performance among any other. A professional HR services company also helps in doing appraisals and all other tasks related to the same.…

Rocky Mountain Oil


With essential oils becoming popular for the benefits and their healing properties, they are trending in the market. Rocky Mountain is one of the oldest essential company founded in 2004 with a determination to develop pure and safe essential oil to change the lives of millions around the globe.

Why choose Rocky Mountain Oil

33jnflfdjkjModern lifestyle is associated with stress and with fast paced life and demanding schedule, very little time is left for maintaining a healthy life. Due to which, you felt exhausted and drained out of energy. Artificial energy boosters somewhere fail to rejuvenate the energy that comes from the natural elements. The authentic and 100% pure rocky mountain oils provided by RMO serves as therapeutic and medicinal purposes which have been a practice for ages under traditional medicines.

They provide products approved through different quality tests including GC/MS tests to prove oils purity. Try RMO essential oils and enhance your life in a variety of ways.

S.A.A.F.E Promise

Rocky Mountain is first to offer their customer a proof of their quality. The S.A.A.F.E Promises rules out any compromise with the quality and the company explains its quality assurance promise in the following manner.

“S” stands for satisfaction guaranteed

where the company is committed to providing pure and potent products with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. With this principle, the company provides a 90 days return policy.

“A” stands for authentic

All their products are put through the quality tests. Raw materials are bought from the trusted suppliers, and samples are tested through GC/MS analysis. The out side testing procedures are closely monitored by the internal chemist, and the whole packaging is carried out in the house to ensure 100% quality.

“A” stands for analysis

Impeccable analysis is the key to ensure pure and unadulterated essential oil. Once GC/MS testes ae carries by internal and external parties, other tests are conducted including Mass Spectrometry, Organoleptic and Refractive Index – all to confirm the purity of the products.

“F’ stands for free of adulterants

Guaranteeing the unadulterated products, the company uses different techniques which comprises verifying the RI of the pure oil through refractometer, physical properties of the oil through chromatography, etc.

“E’ stands for effective and pure

RMO is the only company that takes pride in guaranteeing the 100% quality product with each bottle having the batch number with which you can get the test results from their website.

RMO Best Selling Products

Blue Tansy essential Oil

Encourages relaxation, and calm a stressed mind. Its derived from Moroccan Blue Chamomile with soft and sweet herbaceous aroma.

Fitness Essential Oil Blend

It has a spicy, fresh and bright aroma derived from a mix of lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon bark, mint, ginger root and celery seed. The mixtures enhance mood and are used to reduce stress. It may also help reduce the feeling of frustration.

Breathe Ease Essential Oil

22nczxknkljIt had a menthol like an aroma and derived from Eucalyptus citriodora and radiata, peppermint, Spruce, Pine, Ravintsara, and Marjoram. It helps to loosen the mucus in the nasal passage and support respiratory system

Along with guaranteed quality product, RMO also provides discounts and promo codes for customers. RMO oils are categorized on their website basis their blend and benefits so that you can pick the right product. With deals and coupons, you …

What to consider when looking for payroll service Phoenix

Managing your employees is one of the factors that determine how successful your business will be. You have to ensure that they deliver work, and get paid on time. Preparing the payroll can be a big challenge especially if you have lots of employees to manage. In Phoenix, there are companies that employ thousands of people, and therefore, it would be difficult to prepare their payroll unless you get assistance from a professional. You can always contact one of the companies that offer payroll services and ask them to do it on our behalf. To get the best services, always consider the following when looking for a payroll service Phoenix.

The software that they use

2To properly prepare a payroll for your employees, an accountantwill need a set of software. These are the ones that track the earnings of every employee and enter them into an invoice that reflects what they should be paid at the end of the month. It becomes even more useful when the salaries are not even across all employees. For instance, if there are commissions and bonuses involved, you can be sure that every employee will be looking at a different figure. Therefore, you should ensure that the company you are about to contract has the capacity to handle all these entries through a reliable set of software.

The number of employees they can accommodate

It also is important to find out the number of employees that the company can include in a payroll service Phoenix. Usually, every company has their limitations. There are those that can only handle a few employees while others can take up to thousands of them. It also depends on their resources and skills. If your organization is a big one, you should look for a company that will not struggle to keep up with the demands. You need one that has proper systems to ensure that the process is fast and smooth.

How accurate their payroll services are

3Accuracy is an important factor when it comes to preparing a payroll for employees. You want everyone to get the exact amount that they deserve to earn. Without such an assurance, you will end up with lots of complaints at your desk. There will be those who will be complaining that they have been unfairly compensated while others will have every sort of problem. When you get to such a situation, it will take too much time and resources to correct it. You do not have to let it get to such because all that you need is to find a reliable payroll service company.

Identifying the best company for a payroll service Phoenix involves finding out how qualified they are. They should be certified accountants who are licensed to do this work. You also should ensure that they are registered with the relevant authorities. To be sure that there will be no disputes, you may want to check local police records just to know if there are any pending disputes with their customers.


Best Project Management Tips

It’s important for business or organizations to understand that there are a lot of obstacles involved in ensuring that each project is both on track and within a set budget. However, if you have the necessary measures in place, then your project is likely to succeed. For the best project management tips talk to blockchain consulting. Here are some of the best project management tips to help you get started.

Act a project leader


To ensure smooth project management, the project manager needs to act as a leader. Once you are in this position, you will be required to nurture positive and good team dynamics by acting as a mentor or coach to your team members. As a project leader, you are in control of your team. This means that you should evaluate the different risks involved. In case things don’t work out, it’s important that you explain what’s going on with your team so that you are both on the same page.

Take note of the project details

Running and managing projects can be a complicated task, and it’s important for managers to have a firm grasp on what they need to achieve and also have a buy-in from the stakeholders. Additionally, they should understand the stakeholder’s expectations, interests then evaluate whether what they have planned is going to make the project run successfully. Also, it’s important to identify the project aim, and this includes the responsibilities and roles of each team member. A trackable and measurable success criteria that achieve budget targets and accomplishes tasks on schedule needs to be developed to ensure that industry regulations are met, and that product functionality is satisfactory to the clients.

Always have an open channel of communication

Effective communication is a fundamental component of the project management process. Project managers are the operators of such communication systems, and it’s important that they implement a communication plan and stick to it. What’s more, it’s important that the communication is clear, honest, open and consistent between the team members and stakeholders throughout the entire project.

Defining the project’s milestone


To ensure that there is an established milestone project managers should have a project life cycle which starts from the initiation phase, planning, execution then finally closure. Real evaluation should be performed at the end of each stage and each deliverable need to be examined. It’s also important that all the parts of the documents, as well as the technical report of the project plan, meet the project specifications and that they are aligned with kind of quality required by the clients.



Benefits Of Container Gardening

The container gardening is become popular because of several reasons. Initially, not many people knew that it was possible to grow plants in containers in large scale. However, this notion has changed thanks to individuals who have grown plants in containers on a large scale. The Fabric Pots are the in-thing as far as container gardening is concerned. This write-up looks at some of the benefits of container gardening or planting plants in the containers.


Garden anytime


One benefit of the container gardening is that you can garden anytime. One challenge that most gardeners face is that they must plant at certain times because of the weather conditions. The type of weather dictates what is planted in each area at a time. However, as far as container gardening is concerned, you can plant your crops at any time you wish. This is because in most cases, container gardening is usually done under irrigation. With the greenhouse, you can plant your crops at any time of the day or year.

No space constraint

This type of gardening is ideal for individuals with less gardening space. You do not need a lot of space to plant your favorite crops on a large scale. What you need is the mini-greenhouse that will be able to house your crops. You can also have numerous crops growing on the window sill or the balcony. One thing that you should know is that whether you plant your crops in the containers or not; they will need sunlight.


Container gardening provides the farmer with a lot of versatility. A farmer is not limited to grow plants in a place; he can grow anywhere provided that the conditions are favorable. The plants can be cultivated in a courtyard, patio, in rooms that have enough light, rooftops, and indoors just but to mention a few. The plants can also be easily moved from one spot to another.


Container gardening gives the users more variety and freedom to plant different types of crops. You can grow plants that are not necessarily grown in your place because of the soil thanks to these contains. You can also grow different types of crops which may complement one another on the same container.

Ideal for beginners


Container gardening is perfect for the beginners. It is easier to do farming on the containers other than the usual outfield agriculture. Field farming usually comes with a lot of challenges like harsh climatic conditions, weeds, and pests just but to mention a few.


The Different Types Of Boats

Boating is a fun activity to engage in, but the down side of it is that it can be expensive at times, more especially if you want to own your boat. The most common mistake that first-time boat buyers commit is, purchasing that boat that they see first and it attracts their eyes. They fall in love with them at first sight. This is a costly mistake that you will ever commit.

Before you decide to purchase your first boat, you should know that there is a wide variety of boats that are available in the market today. It is not advisable that you purchase a boat that looks attractive to you since you may discover that it does not perform the functions that you intended it to.

As of now, we are not going to go into the discussion of whether you are going to afford a boat or not or that you should purchase a new or second-hand boat. However, feel free to check out these Florida boats for sale, for exclusive and affordable deals. In this article, we are going to discuss more of the types of boats that are available in the market that you can purchase that can fit properly with the activities that you are going to use them with. Here are the common types:

Common types of boats

Fishing boats


So that you can make sure that you select the right boat, it is important that you talk your time and decide the purpose of your boat before you buy one. Even though you may want to purchase a fishing boat, you may be surprised to discover that we have different types of fishing boats. Make sure that you choose the right one since its design has a direct impact on your fishing.

It is recommended that you go for a bass boat as it will allow you fish from different angles. If you want to be capturing big fish, then you may consider purchasing a sports boat.

Leisure and cruising boats

Some of us could wish that they had specialized boats that could do nothing but cruise down the river or in the lakes so that they can view the beautiful physical features. If your hobby or great day entails you spending some quality time with your family and friends, taking cruises around the lakes or rivers, then most likely yours is a cruise boat.

Bow riders

These have an open deck design; they have plenty of family rooms and sitting areas where one can relax. This can allow perfect space for sunbathers to work their tan. This types of boats are designed to offer comfort and convenience for families to relax and have a good time. They are ideal for all water activities.

Closed bow runabout

This is an excellent choice for a boat that is ideal for those individuals who like engaging in water sports activities.

Sail boats

This is the type of boats that use the wind for their navigation. This particular type is perfect for cruising down lakes and oceans while you enjoy your favorite drink while looking at the beautiful nature in the company of your loved ones.

Fish and ski boats

As the name shows, these boats enable one to ski at the same time …

Best Roofing Nailer Buying Guide

56uyjghgfdfIf you are a contractor, it is important to know some of the materials you are required to have. If you need to do a good and smart work, make sure that you have durable materials. Even though nails are not considered during the construction period, it is advisable to ensure that you choose the best and durable roofing nailers. When you want to consider your roofing nailer, there are some of the essential components that you need to know.

As a contractor, you need to know that you need a good roofing nailer that is more powerful and it can function well. That is why it is advisable to ask some of the contractors on the best roofing nailer you need to buy or choose. Before you choose your best roofing nailer, you are required to determine its use first. This is one of the easiest ways you can easily know some of the aspects to consider. The following are some of the tips to consider when buying your roofing nailer.

Easy to use

First, before making any decision based on your roofing nailer, it is recommended that you consider this aspect. You need to buy a roofing nailer that you can easily use. Do not purchase a roofing nailer which will give you difficulties when using. By doing or considering this, you will buy a roofing nailer that will make your construction work easier.

Flexibility and versatile

It is important to choose the best roofing nailer that is flexible. This means that you need to purchase a nailer that can drive your nails onto any medium you want to use. Therefore, choose a roofing nailer that can drive your nail on timber or woods. Also, make sure that you choose a nailer that can drive your nails even onto cement.

The cost

This is another essential aspect that should be remembered always when choosing or buying your roofing nailer. It is advisable to determine the amount of money you are ready to spend on your roofing nailer before you make your purchase. When choosing your nailer, make sure that you buy it at an affordable price. Do not buy your nailer at a cheaper or a high price.

Types of roofing nailer

It is important to know the type of a roofing nailer you want. This is because they are a lot of different types of roofing nailer that are available in the market. Therefore, make sure that you know the exact type you need before deciding to purchase one. However, there are two main types of roofing nailer that you should know. Strip and coil roofing nailer are the two main types of the nailer.tyuythrt

The weight

Another tip that should be considered when buying your roofing nailer is the weight. Make sure that your nailer is light and easy to carry. Since you will carry it for a long time, ensure that it is not heavy to carry. These will, therefore, help you to buy the best roofing nailer that will meet your construction requirements.…

Top Benefits Of A Business Plan That You Should Know

It is unfortunate that most people still think that you need a business plan when looking for business finance or making a new business start ups. The document has numerous benefits than one can imagine. For these reasons, it crucial to have business plan services from the professionals as they make sure that you have all important areas covered. If you have the expertise in preparing one, then you can go ahead especially for the small and medium size businesses. Doing this will draw the following benefits.

Top benefits of a business plan

They assist when sourcing for funds

gfhgfgfhfghgfhfghWhether it is a start-up or a continuous business, a business plan is one of the requirements before lenders give you a loan. They usually require one that is currently prepared professionally and convincingly. Likewise, investors can only be convinced to inject money into a business through a detailed business plan. For business persons who understand the essence of this document, they will have theirs prepared by experts before sourcing for the funding.

Helps startups to stay focused

Loss of focus can lean many businesses to doom as soon as they start. However, a business plan is the master plan that keeps them on track. It contains the business goals and objectives as well we the best way to achieve them. If there is a challenge in achieving the objectives, then the team can go back to the drawing board and amend the business plan.

Better financial management

The finance aspect covered on a business plan is detailed and shows where all the available funds should go regarding asset purchases, loan repayments, expenses costs, and even savings. With a clear business plan diverting finances to other irrelevant expenses is not possible. Considered as the master planner of business, it does not shy off from offering the best financial guidance at any time.

Easy members and staffs management

gfhfghgfhgfhfghfghA great business plan shows in details the roles of each member and the expectations the business has for them. Therefore, it becomes easy to monitor and track progress when each member comes on board. Failure to perform as per the business plan will mean that the whole operations will be affected. Such people who are not performing can be changed to avoid missing on the overall goals.

A business plan is primarily prepared when businesses are looking for funds and investors. However, one can rest assured to get more benefits when they prepare a practical business plan.



Tips For Ensuring Data Privacy

Having information about clients is imperative but ensuring it stays safe and private is more important for the business. Small businesses are victims of hacking because they are not prepared for the techniques that hackers use to get information from their systems. In addition to that, it may be costly to budget for cyber security and get the required software and system. All companies should be careful with the sensitive information they have that hackers may want. Below are some of the tips that can be used to ensure that data is safe and private.

Have A Strong Policy

Customers need to be assured that you are protecting their information. Make sure that you have a policy that you can show them to give them the satisfaction that you are protecting their information. Be straightforward with them about the data that you collect and what you do with it. Being open with them will build trust, and they will see that you value their data and that you are working to protect it.


Keep A Clean Machine

Having the latest security software is important. In addition to that, update your web browser and operating systems because they are the best protection against viruses and other online threats. The programs will connect and update to defend the date against the threats. If you have the option of automatic updates, turn it on.

Scan New Devices

Before attaching any devices to your computer, ensure that you can scan them. Such devices include hard drives and USB cables. They may have viruses that may be harmful to the data, therefore, scanning them helps to show that they are free of the viruses and that they are safe for usage.

Educate Employees

Employees are the ones who are in charge of handling data. Therefore, it is important that you educate them on how to protect the data so that the information does not end up in the wrong hands. They should be taught about the latest fraud schemes and be urged to be careful when opening attachments and clicking on links.

Know What You Are Protecting

You should be aware of all the personal information that you have. Also, beware of where you are storing it and who has access to it. When you know the assets that you have, you will have an idea of why a hacker might want to pursue them. Keep in mind that you can’t protect what you don’t know about.…

CHEP 2007

CHEP 2007

Inner Harbour


The next Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP) is being held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from 2-7 September 2007.

The CHEP conference provides an international forum to exchange information on computing experience and needs for the community, and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities.


CHEP conferences are held in roughly 18 month intervals. Recent CHEP conferences have been held in Mumbai, India (2006), Interlaken, Switzerland (2004), San Diego, California (2003), Beijing, China (2001), Padova, Italy (2000), Chicago, Illinois (1998), Berlin, Germany (1997), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1995), San Francisco, California (1994), Annecy, France (1992) and Tsukuba, Japan (1991).


For further information on the CHEP 2007 Conference in Victoria, please go to the Contacts Page.…