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Rocky Mountain Oil


With essential oils becoming popular for the benefits and their healing properties, they are trending in the market. Rocky Mountain is one of the oldest essential company founded in 2004 with a determination to develop pure and safe essential oil to change the lives of millions around the globe.

Why choose Rocky Mountain Oil

33jnflfdjkjModern lifestyle is associated with stress and with fast paced life and demanding schedule, very little time is left for maintaining a healthy life. Due to which, you felt exhausted and drained out of energy. Artificial energy boosters somewhere fail to rejuvenate the energy that comes from the natural elements. The authentic and 100% pure rocky mountain oils provided by RMO serves as therapeutic and medicinal purposes which have been a practice for ages under traditional medicines.

They provide products approved through different quality tests including GC/MS tests to prove oils purity. Try RMO essential oils and enhance your life in a variety of ways.

S.A.A.F.E Promise

Rocky Mountain is first to offer their customer a proof of their quality. The S.A.A.F.E Promises rules out any compromise with the quality and the company explains its quality assurance promise in the following manner.

“S” stands for satisfaction guaranteed

where the company is committed to providing pure and potent products with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. With this principle, the company provides a 90 days return policy.

“A” stands for authentic

All their products are put through the quality tests. Raw materials are bought from the trusted suppliers, and samples are tested through GC/MS analysis. The out side testing procedures are closely monitored by the internal chemist, and the whole packaging is carried out in the house to ensure 100% quality.

“A” stands for analysis

Impeccable analysis is the key to ensure pure and unadulterated essential oil. Once GC/MS testes ae carries by internal and external parties, other tests are conducted including Mass Spectrometry, Organoleptic and Refractive Index – all to confirm the purity of the products.

“F’ stands for free of adulterants

Guaranteeing the unadulterated products, the company uses different techniques which comprises verifying the RI of the pure oil through refractometer, physical properties of the oil through chromatography, etc.

“E’ stands for effective and pure

RMO is the only company that takes pride in guaranteeing the 100% quality product with each bottle having the batch number with which you can get the test results from their website.

RMO Best Selling Products

Blue Tansy essential Oil

Encourages relaxation, and calm a stressed mind. Its derived from Moroccan Blue Chamomile with soft and sweet herbaceous aroma.

Fitness Essential Oil Blend

It has a spicy, fresh and bright aroma derived from a mix of lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon bark, mint, ginger root and celery seed. The mixtures enhance mood and are used to reduce stress. It may also help reduce the feeling of frustration.

Breathe Ease Essential Oil

22nczxknkljIt had a menthol like an aroma and derived from Eucalyptus citriodora and radiata, peppermint, Spruce, Pine, Ravintsara, and Marjoram. It helps to loosen the mucus in the nasal passage and support respiratory system

Along with guaranteed quality product, RMO also provides discounts and promo codes for customers. RMO oils are categorized on their website basis their blend and benefits so that you can pick the right product. With deals and coupons, you …